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Prophecy Audios

Each Revelation study contains information that has been locked away from God’s people for 2000 years. It takes an open mind and courage to hear what the Spirit says. As a point of information: All of these recordings were completed in 2012. Since then, our understanding of Revelation has increased dramatically. Many of the concepts found here, we consider to be outdated. For the newest studies, investigate our prophecy page. Click on a study below and you will open an audio file with notes.
	Unknown Prophecy 	Revealing Jesus 	Seven Churches 	Seven Churches Cont’d 	Seals 	Written Within/Behind 	Ascending from the East 	Concerning the Trumpets 	Concerning the Trumpets cont’d 	Through the Church 	Two Witenesses 	Finishing the Work 	Image of the Beast 	Seven Angels 	God’s Open Window 	His Story 	Fall of Babylon 	Marriage Supper 	Judgment Seat 	Dwelling with God

The Unknown Prophecy

Knowing  the Spirit of  Prophecy
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Prophecy Audios

As a Thief Entering Eternity Opening the Sancturary Daniel 7 Daniel 8 Daniel 9 Revelation 10-12