DTG Revelation Studies
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Prophecy Audios

Prophecy Recorded 11.16.2020 New thoughts on God and the second coming of Christ.  God dwells in eternity and Christ will be there to welcome us into it, on the last day.    Entering Eternity Recorded 10.02.2020 The book of Revelation is actually a walkthrough of the tabernacle in the wilderness.  Very deep concepts and pertinent to last day events.     Opening the Sancturary Revelation 10-12 Recorded 4.21.2021 New concepts found in chapters 10 through 12
Recorded 11.27.2020 What else but the rapture/resurrection?     As a Thief Isaiah 10 20210909 Matthew 24:  The Tribulation as described in Isaiah 10 Isaiah 49 20210820 A prophecy comparing the First century church with the last generation