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Note: All words, unless noted, are based on the King James Bible. ALTAR h4196: Built of natural stones, Deut. 27:5-6, unshaped by man. The heart (mind) - Jer. 17:1 shaped by the concepts of God. cp Deut. 27:4-8 & Heb 8:10. See also Stone. ANGEL h4397: A messenger, ambassador. Messengers of God are priests, Mal 2:7; between men, Gen 32:3, 6; moved by the Holy Spirit, 1Sam 19:20; Gal 4:14 g32; Emissaries, prophets of God, 2Ch 36:15-16; Rev 22:8-9; Heb 1:1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13-14; Ps 104:4 as ministering spirits delivering God’s message h4400, Hag 1:13; (angel in NT is the Greek word angelos g32, used for malak h4397 & elohiym h430 - cp Heb 2:7 & Ps 8:5. ANIMALS: Thoughts (clean & unclean, Levitical law, Dt 14:3-20): Man, manifests characteristics of, Eccl. 3:18; Ps 73:22. See Lion. Birds: How man understands God, Ps 124:7-8; Mk 4:4, 15 (cf. Eccl. 9:12; 10:20; Pro. 6:1-5, see also Snare); Sea animals: worldly way of thinking (see Sea), Job 12:7-9; Hab. 1:14; Land animals: Thoughts generated by self: Jude 1:10; 2Pt 2:12, lack understanding, Ps 49:20. ARROW h2671: Sharp words or a message, positive or negative: Ps 64:3, 7; Jer 9:8. See also Quiver. ARM of the LORD (Yahweh): Christ - Isa 51:9; 53:1; Jn 12:37-38 ASHES h665: Worthlessness (dust on the head acknowledges our sin nature; ashes illustrate our worthlessness as a sinner): Gen 18:27; Job 13:12; 30:19; Causes a deceived heart - Isa 44:20. See Sackcloth. AX h4661: A spiritual implement to remove trees: Dt 20:19, see Tree & Wood; Also, to war against & destroy nations, Jer. 51:20, see Nations. BAAL: h1167, h1168 from h1166: Rule, possess, unsanctified husband: symbol of self-worship; self-exaltation, self-made god; Jer. 9:14; 19:5 (see Children); Outward manifestation of self-worship, Isa 2:8; 17:8; Acts 7:41; 19:26. See Hand. BABYLON g897: Literally Babel h894 in Hebrew meaning, gate of God. God defined it as confusion, Gen 11:9. The Hebrew root h1101 means to mix, mingle. Every person who decides to serve God begins with mixed ideas about God, ideas mingled with men’s opinions. Represented by a woman & a great city, Rev. 17:5, 18. See City & Woman. BAPTISM g908: A Greek word, in English means immersion. A spiritual symbol of immersion in the water of the word, Jn 1:33; Lk 3:16. Paul said in 1Cor 1:17 For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel... BEAM: Building blocks (concepts), God lays His building blocks of His chambers (His mind) in the water (thoughts) - Ps 104:3 h7136; Hab. 2:11h3714; Mt 7:5 g1385; Lk 6:42. See Chamber. BEAR: Dan 7:5 - Symbol of Medo-Persia, which, when a law was passed it could not be changed, Dan 6:15. Spiritual symbol of an unchanging heart, one of the attributes of the beast out of the sea, Rv 13:1-2. BEAST: BEHEMAH h929: Any beast of the earth, a person self-ruled - Pr 30:30. His strength is in his own understanding... A person without spiritual understanding - who will perish, Ps 49:20; Ps 73:22. Behemoth h930, Job 40:15 plural of Behemah. See Animals. BELLY/WOMB h990: The mind, producing thoughts, Pr 26:22 h990; 18:8, 20; Job 15:35; Jn 7:37-38 g2836; Jn 3:3-6 (in Hebrew, the same word for womb, Job 38:8, 29; Ps 123:3 see CHILDREN). BIRD: (See Animals) BLACK h380: Spiritual darkness h653, happens because iniquity, or twisted understanding. Pr 7:9-10; 4:19; Eccl 2:14. BLOOD h1818: A spiritual symbol of the soul-a record of who we are - Lev 17:11, 14 h1818. We are physical and mental beings. Heart, soul, spirit describe various functions of the mind, or inward man. Anything eaten is carried by blood to all parts of the body. Thoughts retained and assimilated are the soul. Blood=life=soul. Christ poured out the record or who he was at Calvary (Isa 53:12). He is the bread of life by which we are nourished; we are to drink the record of who he was. Being cleansed by the blood is the direct result of understanding Calvary. This is why it is essential to know who died on that cross and why, Heb 9:14. Paul warns us that the cross can be made of none effect if not understood accurately 1Cor 1:17-19. The result of this truth is redemption, or the remission of faults, 1Cor 1:17-18; Eph 1:7. BLUE h8504: Understanding of law (spoken instructions that are written down)-Num 15:38-40. The blue sky is a symbol of a mirror, Job 37:18 NKJ, or a looking glass through which we gaze at the sun, cf Jm 1:23-25 (Son - Mal 4:2). The righteousness of the law is God’s spiritual understanding of it (Romans 7:14). See Color. BODY: Outwardly, a group of people: Rom 12:4-5; Physical body parts used figuratively in the Bible - Eph 1:18 g3788; Col 3:5, g3196. Inwardly, the mind (the temple of God); Rm 6:6 g4983; 7:22-24; Col 3:9-10; 1Cor 6:19 g4983. BONE h6106: The whole house, Eze 37:11; self, a picture of your soul, life, innermost self; blood is the soul and produced by the bone: Ps 35:9-10; Job 20:11; Jer 20:9; Hab 3:16. cp Ps 31:9; 38:3; 6:2-3. (soul h5315). See Belly, Flesh. BOOK h5612: Literally a writing; spiritual symbol of the heart (mind), Isa 29:9-13; The old covenant with Israel was written in stone & a book; the new is to be written in the book of the heart, Dt 31:24-26; Jer 31:33. The heart of Christ is the book of life, Rv 13:8 g976; Jn 5:24-27; 2Cor 3:3; all will be judged by what is written in their hearts, Rv 20:12. BOTTOMLESS PIT: See Deep BOW: Mouth, tongue – Jer. 9:3; Symbol of strength - Gen 49:24; Jer. 49:35; From which words are like arrows - Ps 64:3, 7. See also ARROW, SWORD, SPEAR. BOWELS h4578: Heart - Ps 22:14; Jer 4:19; Lam 1:20; Eze 3:3 see Belly. BOWL: Teacher, person - Zec 9:15 h4219 BRANCH: Symbol of a messenger; spiritual symbol of a message (bears fruit): Jn 15:1-5; Christ - Isa 11:1; Jer 23:5-6; Zech 6:12; Rev 22:16. BRASS h5174, h5178: (or, Bronze): All metals smelted from stones, Job 28:2, See Stone. Brass is alloyed with another metal to give it strength, but makes it an impure metal. Figuratively, it represents “strength of the thoughts, good or bad,” or “impure thinking.” Negative: Gates of Babylon are of Brass & Iron, Isa 45:1-2, see Iron; people of Judah, Jer 6:28; Bound with chains is to be in bondage to man’s understanding, not God’s. Positive: Strength of Jeremiah, Jer 1:18; 15:20 - see Wall; Christ, Dan 10:6; Rv 1:15 - see Feet. When brass is polished, the tarnish (filthiness, Eze 16:36) is removed. This is what Christ does for us, Eze 1:7. BREAD h3899: A symbol for the written word: Lv 24:5-6 - 12 loaves arranged in two piles of 6 each: The writings we received from the 12 tribes of Israel arranged in the OT & NT; Dt 8:3 not to live by the written word alone. A spiritual symbol of spiritual concepts from the bread of life, Jn 6:48, 51; bread of God eaten through trying experiences, Ps 80:5; strengthens the heart, Ps 104:15; The path of the wicked based on man’s understanding (bread), Pr 4:14, 17. BRIARS: See THORNS. BRICK: Man made concepts; contrast with meaning of STONE, hewn -cp Gn 11:3 & Ex 1:14. At the tower of Babel, they made their own bricks, i.e. own concepts of how they understood God, cp Altars of idols, Isa 9:10; 65:3 to altars of God, Dt 27:5-6. See BABYLON. BRIMSTONE: The voice of God is like fire (Isa 30:33; Jer. 23:29). It will consume sin out of the obedient sinner, or it will consume the spiritually dead. Burning sulfur (melts at 246 degrees) produces a suffocating gas, which can damage the lungs if inhaled. (Cf. Dt 29:23; Job 18:15). BULRUSH: h100 - Humility - Isa 58:5 BURDEN: Iniquities, sin, any concern - Ps 38:4 h4853; cf Mt 11:29-30 BUTTER: Basic principles of truth for a new Christian (babe) - Heb 5:12-14; Contrast milk of the word vs. meat: 1Cor 3:2. A child (babe in Christ) is only able to consume milk-1Pt 2:2; Churning of milk produces butter-Pr 30:33, or smooth words-Ps 55:21; by eating butter and honey one will know to refuse evil and choose good-Isa 7:14-15, 22.
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