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CANDLE: God’s word-Ps 119:105 h5216; Understanding-Lu 11:33-36 g3088 (see Body, Eye); 2Pt 1:19 (light the dark place of your mind); cf Mt 5:15-16. CAVE: A cave is a hole in a rock that can be used as a dwelling place which has no light. Sanctified: A dwelling place in the Rock-Christ, 1Cor 10:4; Matt 7:24. Unsanctified: A cave in the earth, a symbol of self's own understanding (See Earth); In the day of judgment, people will either hide in Christ (the Rock) or go into their cave of unsanctified understanding (has no light-in darkness)-Isa 2:17-19. CEDAR h0730: Character trait-Ps 92:12; Eze. 31:3; See Tree. CHAFF h4671: worthless concepts, Ps 1:4. The wind separating the chaff from the wheat a picture of the Spirit separating man’s own ideas from God’s, (cf Isa 55:7-9) Ps 35:5; Mt 3:11-12 g892. CHAINS: Spiritual concepts chained together: Spiritual Error: Ps 68:6 h3574 (see Wilderness), causing bondage of pride-Ps 73:6 h6059; Instruction of Truth: Becomes foundational to serving God-Pr 1:8-9 h6060 see Neck. Applications: Jer. 52:11-Zedekiah’s eyes put out by the King of Babylon (see Babylon), & he was chained & put in prison: an outward picture of Zedekiah being in bondage to confused spiritual understanding because he was disobedient to God; Rv 20:1-the great chain: truths chained together which give the messenger an understanding (see Key) of the human nature (see Deep). CHAMBER: The mind - Pr 24:3-4 h231; see House; Ps 104:3, 13 h5944; See symbols of Cloud, Water. CHARIOT h4818, h7393: A vessel of war drawn by horses (see Animals), cf. Ps 32:9; 33:17. Ancient armies were considered powerful if they had many chariots, Josh 17:17-18; Isa 43:16; Pr 21:31. Used as Metaphor of powerful messages of God & strong corrupted thoughts. A spiritual symbol of a messenger or the message carried by strong thoughts: Sanctified-Ps 68:17 (ASV); Ps 104:3; Isa 66:15. Unsanctified to be destroyed-Ps 20:7; Ps 46:9; Mic 5:7, 10. See Angels. CHILDREN h1121: Fruit of the womb h990 (concepts of the mind-thoughts)-Ps 127:3-5. See Womb; see Arrow. Spiritually a child is an immature person in Christ-1Pt 2:2. (Pr. 18:8 h990 translated belly & words go into the belly. Idiom: like parent, like child Eze. 16:44) CIRCUMCISION h4135: Gen 17:10-11-verse 10 is spiritual, verse 11 is the physical, as an outward sign; Spiritually: cutting away sin from the heart-Dt 10:16; Rm 2:28-29 g4061; Col. 2:11; (by circumcision of the heart, one becomes a spiritual Jew - Rom 4:11-12.) CISTERN: Symbol of a religious organization from where people drink spiritual water-Jer. 2:13 h877. Similar to a well, Pr. 5:15 h953. See Water. CITY: A mind set - a spirit (a mind), Jer. 1:17-18; Pr 25:28-see Loins, Wall. When we have God's way of thinking, Isa 55:7-9, we are like a city sitting on a hill, which cannot be hid - Matt 5:14. CLAY: Human nature & its frailties-Job 33:6; Ps 40:2 h2916; Isa 57:20 (dirt h2916); to be washed away by the water of the Word-Jn 9:6-7; Eph 5:26; Jn 15:3. CLOTHES: Character (covering=garment) formed by thoughts of habit-Ps 93:1; 104:1-2; Zec. 3:3-4 h899; Rv 19:8 g1039. CLOUD: Symbol for people-Eze. 38:16; Hos 13:3 h6051; Heb 12:1 g3509; 2 Pt 2:17 g3507; Christ-Ex 13:21; Spiritual symbol for a message with words-Job 26:8-9; 37:15 h5645 h6051, See Water; Ps 77:17 h5645, see Arrow; Pr 3:20 h7834. COLOR h5869: (KJ colour) Proper meaning is the "eye" a spiritual symbol for understanding of the heart (Eph 1:18). Also rendered as a “well, spring, fountain” as the eye of the ground (like the eye weeps tears). Color is generally understanding determined by context: Isa 1:18 sin; Rev 19:7-8 righteousness; see Blue. A rainbow has seven colors-symbol for a fullness of understanding, cf Rv 10:1. CORD h2256: A spiritual concept that binds: Unsanctified-bondage in sin, Pr 5:22; affliction & a snare, Job 36:8-9; 18:10; Sanctified-Love, Hos 11:4; Three-fold Cord: I can hear God in my conscience + my spiritual experience + confirmed by God's understanding of the Bible - not easily broken - Eccl 4:12; Jesus, Jn 2:15, a spiritual picture of cleansing the mind. CORN h5669: (Hebrew=Produce, or fruits & grains) Produce eaten in the Promised Land - Josh 5:11-12. A spiritual symbol of eating from the bread of life, Jn 6:48-50. See Manna. CROWN h5850: Spiritual riches, knowledge (see GLORY), Pr 14:18, 24; Man’s crown is removed by the truth of God, Job 19:9, Isa 55:7-9; Closely related to glory, honor-God’s people crowned by Christ’s way of thinking, bringing honor, Isa 28:5; Php 2:5. CUP: A person. What he drinks from a cup is a life experience-good or bad: Mt 23:26 g4221; Mt 26:42; Jn 18:11; application: Ps 116:13 h3563; Jer 16:7; Eze 23:33 DAILY: Daily or continual bread (spiritual symbol of the understanding of the Son of God), symbol of the written word furnished by Israel; eaten only by priests, a figure of becoming a minister - Lev 24:5-9; Ex 19:5-6; Rv 1:6. When the abomination that makes desolate is set up, the daily (bread) is removed. Dan 8:11-12; 11:31; 12:11. Other parts of the daily were the food offering, and a lamb morning and evening - Ex 29:38-42. True understanding is lost when truth cast down. DARKNESS: Spiritual blindness. The way of the wicked, absence (or lack) of the true light, which is the knowledge of God–Pr. 4:19; Eph 5:8; 2 Cor 4:6; Rm 1:21 DAY; Period of light, ruled by the sun, Ps 136:8; spiritual understanding from the Son, Mal 4:2, Jn 8:12; the path of the just, or righteous, leads to the perfect day, Pr 4:18. DAYSPRING g395 root g393: Literally, a rising of light. Figuratively, a message or messenger, Mt 24:27; Rv 7:2; Light of the Messiah, Lk 1:78 (cf 2Pt 1:19; Hos 6:1-3) See LIGHTNING, ANGEL. DEAF: Being dull of hearing spiritual understanding - Mt 13:12-15; Ps 38:13-14; 58:3-4; Isa 29:16-18 DEEP, DEPTHS h8415: waters of the sea, the great deep, Isa 51:10. An “immeasurable depth”, described in lexicons as a “pit” or “abyss.” The Greek equivalent, abussos g12, rendered in the KJ as “bottomless pit”, Rv 9:1, & in other versions as “pit of the abyss.” A symbol of the immeasurable depth of a mind: God’s judgments: Ps 36:6 & riches expressed in Rom 11:33, g899; His thoughts, Ps 92:5, h6009. Mankind’s spiritual darkness: Ps 64:6, h6013; Cp Job 28:12-14; Pr 3:19-20; Ps 68:22. See Water. DEEP DITCH: adulterous way of thinking - Pr 23:27; Off the narrow path, Lk 6:39. See Woman DEN: Place of lying in wait - Job 37:8; 38:40. Ps 10:9-as in den of thieves-Lk 19:46. See Thief DESERT h4057, h6160: A barren land (mind), without water - Job 39:6; Jer 2:6, see Water; Isa 35:6. See Wilderness, Land DEVIL h8163: (1) In O.T. = he-goat; used in reference to goat idols being worshiped, Lv 17:7; 2Ch 11:15 (parallel with calf gods); Dt 32:17 h7700 = Application of the word to false gods points to the trait deeply graven in all pagan worship, that of regarding the deities as malignant, and needing to be propitiated by human sufferings, Ps 106:37-38.(2) Diabolos g1228: The dragon, the serpent called devil g1228 & satan g4567, Rv 12:9. Each is a symbol of a different aspect of the fallen nature. Diabolos accuses others rather than take responsibility for one's own sins, Rv 12:10. Accuser, slander 1Tm 3:11; 2Tm 3:3. Note: Diabolos is not the same as daimonion, also rendered “devil” in the KJ. (3) Diaimonion g1140, g1142: This word is transliterated in other versions as “demon.” A demon is an unclean spirit (Lk 9:42; 4:33), which can be cleansed by the words of Christ, Mt 8:16; Jn 15:3. Spirits of men whose ideas possess you. See Spirit, Dragon, Serpent, Satan) DEW: God’s spoken word – Dt 32:1-2; Isa 55:10-11-rain; Ps 133:3 DOGS: Apostate people, without spiritual understanding, wicked - Isa 56.10-11; Ps 59:2- 6 h3611; cp Zech 12:10 with Ps 22:16; Phil 3:2. DOOR: See Gates. DOVE g4058 h3123: A symbol of a God’s spirit, or understanding - Mt 3:16; Jn 1:32; SS 1:15; 5:12 see Eyes, Water. DOUBLE: The secrets of wisdom - Job 11:5-6 (Jesus, 1 Cor 1:24). Literally - that which the firstborn receives - Dt 21:17; 2Ki 2:9; Isa 61:7; 1 Tim 5:17. Unsanctified double: Jam 1:8; Ps 12:2 - A person trying to serve self and God at the same time (spiritual adultery). DROUGHT: Lack of spiritual water: Jer 50:38; Ps 32:4; The Wilderness is a land of drought - Dt 8:15; Hos 13:5. DRY TREE: Wicked person, lacks the moisture of God’s word - Isa 56:3; Eze 17:24; 20:47. DRAGON: A symbol of self. Called the serpent, called satan (Hebrew for “adversity” cf Num 22:22 h7854), devil (Greek for “false accuser, liar” cf Jn 8:44; Tit 2:3 g1228) - Rv 12:9. DRINK OFFERING: Sacrifice of self’s own understanding & teaching. See Wine. DUST: Offspring (thoughts) of the earth. See Earth. Liken to the seed of Abraham, Gen 13:16; A symbol for children, which are a spiritual symbol for thoughts of man, Ps 127:3-5. See Children. All begin life with corrupted thoughts, whose foundation is in the Dust of the earth, Job 4:17-19; as the Earth, so is the flesh covered with clods of dust, Job 7:5; When the light of truth is rejected by others & you leave, shake the dust (their teachings) from your feet, Lk 9:5. See Feet, City.
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