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HAIL: Hard water: Straight truth from heaven - Ps 18:13; 148:8; Isa 28:17 - defines what hail does. Example: Acts 7:51-53 HAMMER: God's word that breaks stones (spiritual concepts, see Stone) - Jer 23:29 HAND: What you do based on your thoughts – your works - h3027 & h3709: Isa 2:8; 41:20; Jer 44:8; Pr 3:27; 10:4; Ps 58:2(fingers = faith, see Fingers) HARLOT: See WHORE. Deep pit - Pr 23:27: One who is committing spiritual fornication – Rv 17:1-5 HARP: A heart of mercy, compassion, tender affection, bowels; the heart - Cp Isa 16:11 h3658 to Phil 2:1-2; Jer 4:19; Col 3:12. HEAD: Unsanctified: Leadership (old, revered teachers); what governs you - Isa 9:15-16; Sanctified: 1Cor 11:3; Eph 5:23-Christ is the head individuals & the church, God is the head of Christ. HEART: Direction and feelings of the mind - 1Cor 7:37; Pr 10:13 h3820; Lk 10:27; 1Sam 16:7; Act 17:27 HEAT: Great anger - Dt 9:19 h2534; 19:6 - [h3179 - figurative]; Ps 6:1. HEAVENS: God’s understanding - Isa 55:7-9; or unsanctified = man’s understanding of God. By understanding, God establishes the heavens & by knowledge He breaks up the sea (world) - Pr 3:19-20. Jn 3:12-13; The heavens affect the earth - Mt 6:10; Isa 13:13; 51:6, 16; the heavens declare God’s glory, Ps 19:1 HEAVENS, EARTH, SEA: Man's heavens = how I perceive God; Earth = my own understanding; Sea = Understanding received from the world. Isa 55:7-9; 57:20-21; Mk 4:1-9, 13-20. HEEL: The weakest part of a person: spiritually how one is snared - Job 18:8-9 (RSV); The weakness of Judas which caused him to betray Christ - Jn 13:18, Ps 41:9; prophesied in Gen 3:15 HIDDEN MANNA: Christ’s understanding of the written word - Rev 2:17 (see Manna) HIGHWAY: An avenue of thinking - Pr 16:17 h4546-fem; Isa 35:8 4547 – masculine, both words from h5549; To depart from evil; the way of holiness - Pr 16:17 h4546 - fem. HONEY: Sweet words, righteous thoughts, knowledge of Wisdom (Christ) - Pr 16:24; 24:13-14; Ps 119:103 HORN: That which shines h7161 (from h7160 = to shine). What one considers as the truth & which gives them authority, power. Defiled - Job 16:15 (see Dust); Ps 75:10; Eze 34:21; Full authority in Christ - Hab 3:4; Rv 5:6; Lk 1:69 HORSE: powerful thoughts (color denotes spiritual quality - see Animals): unsanctified - Ps 32:9; don't trust the messenger or his thoughts - Ps 20:7; 33:17; thoughts of the Egypt (world) are flesh - Isa 31:3 HOUSE: dwelling place for thoughts, mind - Pr 24:3-5 h1004; Mt 7:24; 2Cor 5:1; 1 Pt 2:5 g3624 – See TEMPLE. HYSSOP: A plant which grows out of the earth, used to sprinkle blood on the doorpost, and on Lepers for cleansing. Thoughts produced by studying the cross, which purges the conscience: Ex 12:22; Lev 14:4-7; Ps 51:7; Heb 9:14, 19-23. INCENSE: Aroma or motive for an action. Prayers of the saints; righteousness - Rv 5:8; 8:4; Ps 141:2. INIQUITY: H5771 from H5753 = to bend, twist, distort: perverted thoughts - from the mouth - Job 15:5; Mt 15:18-20; purged by mercy & truth - Pr 16:6 INSTRUCTION: H4148 Chastening - Pr 12:1; 3:11; correction-Pr 22:15 (same word) IRON: Positive: Firm, steadfast, strength – to rule with a rod of iron-Rev 2:26-27 – See Nations) is to hold to a truth that destroys sin, compare Col 1:23 (see Rod). Stones of iron (Dt 8:9) = concepts that give spiritual strength-Ps 2:8-9; Negative: hardness, harshness, oppression, stubbornness, corruption - Ps 107:10; Jer 28:13-14; 6:28. Sin written on the heart with corrupted ideas - Jer 17:1. Comes out of the earth (self) - Job 28:2. Egypt is an iron furnace = vessel of bondage & spirit (fire) of man. A condition of not listening to God, Jer 11:3-4. Rome is the iron kingdom, & her doctrines are corrupt. ISLANDS of the Sea: Inwardly, an island is that little bit of dry land where God can plant a seed. If a person hears and does what God tells him, he can ascend out of the sea into the heavens with Christ. Gentile Christians, the righteous (plant seed on dry land in the sea) – Isa 60:5 H1471; 51:5; 24:14-15 H336 JERICHO: City of the moon - a mind under or governed by the law, see MOON. Rebuilt by Hiel (meaning God is living); foundation is laid in firstborn (self); Abiram (father of elevation=self-exaltation); gates (understanding) in Segub- protection. Hiel who claimed God is living, laid the foundation of rebuilding the law in self elevation & the understanding of it was for protection against sin. One who claimed God is living brought the law into his midst, using the law for self-exaltation and protection against sin - 1 Ki 16:34; see City, Moon. Called City of Palm Trees, Dt 34.3. JERUSALEM (Zion): New Jerusalem, the mother (heart/teacher) of us all, a symbol of the Holy spirit - Gal 4:26; Jn 3:3, 5, which gives us birth. God’s way of thinking in His Son – Phil 2:5; Jn 3:34. JUDGMENT, GODS: God's ways, or his determinations. Dan 4:37; Dt 32:4. See WAYS. KEY: Knowledge of a thing - Lk 11:52. As you receive the knowledge of Christ, you are receiving His power & authority over self - Lu 24:44-49. KING: Ruler, judge - establishes the land - Pr 29:4; 1Sam 8:20. We are to be the 3rd ruler of our universe: first God, then Christ, then man (cf Dan 5:7, 29); Believers made Kings of their earth, Rv 1:6. KINGDOM: A mind-set, way of thinking: Lk 17:20-21; cp Mk 4:26 to Mt 13:20; cp Lk 13:20-21 to Mt 16:12 (see Garden). KNEES h1290: Eze 21:6-7 - The part of the foundation (LEGS) that indicates weakness, Isa 35:3; a yielding to God or to idols, 1Ki 19:18; indicating fear when the foundation is shaken, Dan 5:6. LAME: One not balanced in Christ, which means that the person doesn’t have the understanding of Christ before & after the cross. Pr 26:7. See LEGS. LAMP: 3 parts: vessel=a person; oil=spirit; wick (flax)=tongue: (see OIL) Yahweh a lamp, 2Sam 22:29; Lamp of wicked will be put out, Job 18:5-6; Fire of God lights the wick, Jer 23:29, & He will not quench a smoking flax (wick) of the righteous, Isa 42:3; Mt 12:20; Whole lamp represents the spirit-Pr 20:27; Jesus is the light (lamp) of the world, Jn 8:12. LAMPSTAND/CANDLESTICK: seven lamps/candles = a person with a fullness of truth of a concept - Mt 5:14-16, truth supplied by Christ, Zech 4:2-3, 12, 14 (two anointed ones=sons of oil). LAND: Mind – Gen 2:8; Eze 28:13; Joel 2:3; Mk 4:1-20 (parable of the sower explains 4 types of soil) LATTER Rain: The spoken word - Deu 32:1-2; the final rain that ripens the harvest - Jer 5:24; Zec 10:1; 1Sam 12:17 (wheat was the latter & largest harvest). LEAVEN: An understanding that produce a gradual process (leavening) of growth for good or bad. Positive: The truth of God - Mt 13:33 (Lk 13:20-21). Negative: Mt 16:11-12; false teaching (hypocrisy) - Lk 12:1; literal verses spiritual- 1Cor 5:6-8. LEAVES: Excuses/reasons. Outward covering of trees, symbols of character traits-see TREES. Adam and Eve were naked and shameless until they sinned, after which they covered their loins with fig leaves - i.e. excuses as to why they disobeyed, Gen 3:7-13. In cold weather, sap (moisture) in a tree drops causing the leaves to change from green (color for righteousness) to red (Isa 1:18), etc., except evergreens, Hos 14:8; Lk 23:31; Rv 9:4. Job 24:7 (leaves drop in winter) - truth exposes our nakedness, which we cannot see without it. Isa 30:1 - wicked cover themselves, but not with God’s spirit. (See Loins, Winter) LEOPARD: Has spots that cannot change, twisted thinking described by the Hebrew word H5771 and its root H5753, Jer 13:23; Sin, error - Jude 1:12; fleshly understanding - 2Pet 2:10, 12-13. LEPROSY: Sin, a rising in the flesh (exaltation); defect in faith & works, which form character - (Lev 13 & 14). By Jesus’ faith & works, he cleanses us - Mt 8; Gal 2:16. LEVIATHAN H3882: The serpent in the sea, Isa 27:1; having more than one head & food for those inhabiting the wilderness, Ps 74:14; Rv 12:9; Scales so close, no air can pass between them, Job 41:15-16 - interpretation: so much pride the Holy Spirit cannot get through to him. He is king over the sons of pride, Job 41:34. See Serpent. LIGHT: Understanding, Dan 5:14; Lk 11:34, Eph 1:18; Christ’s truth - Jn 14:6; 8:12 LIGHTNING H1300: Sudden revelation (understanding) of a word or idea - Ps 77:18; pierces darkness of the mind, Ps 97:4; Zech 9:14; Comes with rain - Jer 10:13. Compare with Arrow. Compare with Arrow. LINE: For measuring, Job 38:5: A message to test quality of character - Isa 28:9-13; Zech 1:16. LINEN: (from a plant) thoughts woven by faith & works which reflect character traits, Job 7:5; Ps 35:26; The Lord, Ps 104:1; righteousness of saints - Rv 19:8. See WOOL (mix not with linen, Lv 19:19). LION: Unsanctified: pride - Ps 10:4-9; King of Babylon who took credit for his kingdom - Dan 5:18-20; Sanctified: Christ as a ruler, Rv. 5:5 & a prince, Rv 1:5. LOCUST: Reasons from the pit of the abyss for rejecting truth, see Pit - Nah 3:14-17; Dt 28:38, 42; They consume all the green things, Joel 1:4; 2:3, see Green. LOINS: Inner man, the mind - 1 Pt 1:13; gird the mind with truth (Christ) - Eph 6:14; Jn 14:6; Job 40:16 see Belly; Ps 38:7 see Flesh. LUCIFER: A Latin word borrowed from the Latin Vulgate and substituted for the Hebrew word helel, H1966. Root = halal, H1984 = to shine]; Helel = that which shines, or shining one. The word appears as a noun once in Isa 14:12. In context, (see Isa 14:4), a metaphor showing how the king of Babylon exalts self because of pride. A person’s “shining” (appearance to others) comes from their actions and words spoken, in this case, based on the use of Babylon as a metaphor of confusion (Gn 11:9).
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