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MAMMON: Unrighteous riches - own thoughts, ideas. You can’t serve God & self - Mt 6:24; Isa 55:8; If a person is not faithful in the unrighteous riches, they cannot be trusted with the true, Lk 16:10-11. MANNA: Hebrew - “A whatness”; in English “What is it”. A symbol of spiritual bread which feeds & strengthens; given two weeks before Israel arrived at Sinai (cp Ex 16:1 & 19:1). Called ‘corn' (grain) of heaven, Ps 78:24. A symbol of the written word of which Israel did not grasp the spiritual meaning, 2Cor 3:14, nor the bread of life, Jn 6:31-42, 48-58. You shall not live by bread alone (written word), but by every word (living bread) out of the mouth of God, Dt 8:3. MARK ON THE FOREHEAD: The way you think, or in the hand - your works; Cain blamed God for his iniquity, Gen 4:13-16; Lam 3:12 (also see Arrow); Eze 9:4; Rev 13:16-17. MEMBERS: Literally body parts, figurative of evil deeds - Col 3:5; deeds of the ‘old man’- Col 3:9; tongue defiles whole body - Jam 3:6; Mt 15:11 see Body. MERCHANDISE: Knowledge; understanding - Eze 28:1-5, 13; 2Pt 2:3; see Rv 18:3, 11-17 Babylon's; a merchant would be a messenger; Positive - Pr 3:13-14. MILK: Beginning principles of God’s word - 1 Pt 2:1-2; 1 Cor 3:2; Heb 5:12-14; 6:1-2. Compare with WINE. MIRROR: Bible - Jam 1:23 MONTH: Period of darkness ruled by the moon; represents no spiritual light; light is knowledge of God - Gn 1:14-16; Ps 136:9; Ps 119:130; the wicked walk in darkness & lack understanding from God, Ps 82:5; Pr 4:19.MOON: Rules the darkness, Gen 1:14-16; Reflects only 1/7th of the light falling on it. A symbol for the law of God, which has no light of its own - Jer 31:35. One’s understanding of the law from his own light (stars), or from the Sun of righteousness, Mal 4:2. See Light. MOUNTAIN: Literally a high place on earth. Outwardly/inwardly a symbol of a kingdom, Isa 13:4; an understanding: Babylon - world's confused way of thinking about God - Jer 51:24-25; Rev 8:8; Jg 5:4-5 (destroyed); Mt Zion God's way of thinking possessed by saints - Zech 8:3; God's righteousness like - Ps 36:6; God will make my mountain strong – Ps 30:7; It is faith that removes the bad mountains - Mt 17:20; Two ways of thinking in Revelation - New Jerusalem, on Mt Zion & Babylon, that great city - Rev 21:10; 17:5, 18. MYRRH: Spiritual symbol for purity. Traditionally used for purifying & burial, Est 2:12; Jn 19:39-40; One of three gifts the wise men presented to Jesus, Mt 2:11, a symbol of his spiritual purity. See Gold & Frankincense. NAIL: A sure concept - Ezra 9:8; Eccl 12:11; Isa 22:23-25 h3489. NAKED: Opposite of clothed, without truth, shame exposed - Lam 1:8; Eze 16:8; 2 Cor 5:1-3; Rev 3:17-18; 16:15 NAME: Character - Ex 33:18-19; 34:5-7; Rv 2:17 (reference meaning of Hebrew names in a Lexicon, as Strong, BDB, or Gesenius.) NATIONS: Sin problem in man's heart; Denominations - Deu 9:1-3; 7:1 (Allegorically, characteristics of the nations). The root word for nations h1471 is h1342 = to rise up (pride, self-exalting) NECK: Principles that hold up the head; they are manifest outwardly - Pr 6:20-21; Isa 10:27; 52:2; Acts 15:5, 10 (letter of the law) NET: (a snare) Mind of a woman (mind-set or understanding) - Eccl. 7:26 h2764; wicked taken in - Ps 9:15-16; Job 18:8; taken to Babylon by - Eze 12:13; (cf Pr 29:5); fish = thoughts, clean or unclean, taken in a net, then separated - Mt 13:47-50 (kingdom of heaven likened to) NILE RIVER: Worldly thinking - see Egypt, River & Water. Sihor h7883 a branch of the Nile, meaning dark, Jer 2:18. NOON: (see Day) Shadow of self disappears - Isa 58:7-10 (see Shadow); man in his own wisdom will not recognize, but the poor in spirit do - Job 5:13-15; those who trust God will receive His righteousness (thoughts), Ps 37:5-6; man's light shown to be darkness, famine - Amos 8:9-13; Saul (Paul) called at noon - Act 22:6 NORTH h6828: Properly=hidden, dark. Judgments of God come from the north, Joel 2:15-21; Jer 1:14; 4:6 (Babylon); table of shew bread on the north - Ex 26:35, see Shewbread; tribe of Dan (a judge) situated on north side of the camp - Num 2:25. NOSTRILS h639: Properly a breathing place, Nose: Breathes in & smells, a metaphor of perceiving another’s spirit, Gen 8:20-21; Idols, work of men’s hands, smell not; breath of God’s nostrils a rebuke, as He exposes man’s earthly thinking; then He draws man out of many waters, Ps 18:15-16; wicked thinking & pride of man exposed & destroyed by breath of God’s nostrils, Job 4:8-10; hard breathing & flared nose indicative of anger, Pr 22:24; 29:22. OAK: (see TREES) Strength - Amos 2:9 h437. ODOR: An understanding perceived, either good or bad (see SMELL): God of Noah's sacrifice - Gen 8:20-21; Isaac deceived by Jacob - Gen 27:27; a gift of support to Paul - Php 4:16-18; Christ's sacrifice as a gift of love - Eph 5:2 OIL: Spirit, spiritual character; used for light & anointing - Ex 35:28 [8081]; Ps 55:21; Eccl 9:8 (used with clothing); brings joy - Isa 61:3; makes face shine - Ps 104:15; the Spirit gives light - see LIGHT. OIL, ANOINTING: Made up of 4 sweet smelling spices & olive oil (5 = grace) - Ex 30:23-33: Oil - a symbol of God's spirit, with which Christ was anointed, & priests - Heb 1:9; Calamus – a message of light (see Reed); Myrrh - (from the root) bitter experience, results in a sweet smell to God; Cassia - (from the root) bow down, bow the knee (Isa 45:23-24; Rom 14:11-12; Phil 2:10); Cinnamon - (comes from various trees - see Trees) to erect, build character fit for heaven OLD CORN: Josh 5:11-12 [5669] produce (RSV, ASV), or what the land yields, fruit of the land. Figuratively, fruit = words, works, Pr 12:14; 1:31; land = self, Mk 4:3-8, 13-20; Promised land a symbol of the mind, or spirit of Christ. The fruit (spoken word) of that land is better than gold, Pr 8:19; Gal 3:14. (see MANNA). Old corn = fruit of Eden given up by Adam & Eve. OLD MAN: The carnal, corrupted thinking. It was crucified with Christ - Rm 6:6; 2 Cor 5:17, Eph 4:22; Col 3:8-9. OLIVE Tree h2132: Literally, a source of oil, a symbol of the spirit of Christ, Zech 4:12-14 (sons of oil - margin); A person filled with the spirit - Hos 14:6; Ps 52:8; Rom 11:24. ORACLE: A brief utterance g3051 - 1 Pt. 4:11; God’s word written down - Act 7:38; Rom 3:1-2 OVEN: The heart - Hos 7:6 OPPRESS: Impose a spiritual test - Hos 12:7; Ex 3:9; 23:9; Ps 119:122 PALM TREE: Righteous character trait manifested by works - Ps 92:12; Palm in hand, symbol of righteous works, Rv 7:9. PATH: Where feet walk, avenue of thinking - Ps 23:3; 25:10; 119:35, 105; Pr 2:8-9 PEARLS: Worldly character trait that has been overcome with precious truth - Mt 7:6; 13:45-46. See HEAVENS. PILLAR: Concept Spiritual concept: 1Tim 3:15; Pr 9:1 (7 = a fulness) Job 26:11; Jer 1:17-19; Rv 3:11; cp Gen 28:18, 22; Ex 13:21. PIT: a place of fornication caused by earthly thoughts from an unsanctified heart-Pr 22:14; 23:27; See HARLOT, EARTH. PLAGUE: An understanding revealed by words; context determines quality, Ex 9:14; 1Ki 8:38; Rv 9:18. QUIVER: Holds arrows, arrows are words (see ARROW). Quiver: symbol of the heart, out of which come thoughts, or words. Jer 5:15-17; Lam 3:12-13; Isa 49:2. See CHILDREN & BOW. RAIN: God's spoken word - Deu 32:1-2; Isa 55:10-11 RAINBOW: Fullness of understanding. (See COLOR, GLORY) - Eze 1:28; cf Gn 9:16; Rv 10:1. RED (SCARLET): (unsanctified) understanding of sinful man, Isa 1:18; cf Rev 17:3-4; Rv 12:3; (sanctified) understanding why the blood of Christ was shed at the cross - Col 1:20; cf Gal 6:14; Jn 12:32. REINS h3629: Literally the kidneys; Heart distributes blood, kidneys filter it (waste eliminated via the urine, see WATER) & God tries both, Ps 26:2. See BLOOD. Spiritual food must be filtered with God’s understanding. It becomes instruction to the soul, Ps16:7; Jer 17:10; Lam 3:13 see ARROW. REED: Properly the root h7069 means to acquire, possess, as in used in Pr 4:7. What is acquired is a message, which flourishes with water, Isa 35:7; or withers without water, Isa 19:6-7, see WATER. Used also of a branch h7070 on the lampstand. Seven lamps of light on seven branches, see LIGHT, LAMP, Ex 37:17-18; used for measuring, Eze 40:3, 5; a reed, when used as a rod, is a message of correction, Rv 11:1, see ROD. RIVER: Stream of thought, way of thinking- Pr 18:4, see WATER. ROCK h6697: Spiritual concept - Ps 114:8, see WATER; metaphor of Christ, Dt 32:4, 15, 18; 1 Cor 10:4, as Son of the living God, Mt 16:13-18, which truth caused Israel to stumble, Isa 8:14; 1Pt 2:4, 8; metaphor for worship of idols & man, Dt 32:31, 37; for circumcision, Josh 5:2; Ex 4:25 h6864, as of the heart, Dt 10:16; see STONE. ROD: Message of correction, based on the authority of God’s word, Isa 11:4, whether spoken or written - Ex 4:1-5, 20; Pr 22:15; 29:15 - but when cast to the earth, becomes man’s opinion, based on pride & lack of understanding - Pr 14:3; 10:13, see SERPENT. Ex 17:9 (Israel prevailed when the rod was lifted toward heaven). ROOT: Lowest part of a thing, part of a tree that drinks the water. Causes the tree (character trait) to produce fruit, gives strength to the righteous - Jer 17:8; 2 Ki 19:30; Pr 12:3, 12
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